Wake Up The Royalty 1 Game

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Wake Up the Royalty: Giving You Some Mental Floss

In this cleverly designed puzzle game, you are given wooden tiles of different shapes and sizes. Your job is to fit them into the objects found throughout a stage. This will then, more often than not, set off an elaborate mechanism that will tap, lift, drop or push the royalty in order to wake them up. Sounds easy to you? Well, there is much more to enjoy in this puzzle game than you might think.

Time to Get Clever

You cannot just place the pieces anywhere you wish. There are only a few, set spots wherein you may pin your wooden blocks to. At times this means a mad rush, else you risk missing the attachment point completely. Once in place, the blocks stay pinned so there is no way to tweak your move afterwards. Depending on how accurate your visual judgment is, this may or may not be a good thing. In terms of giving an advantage, you can be sure that the places you can assign the wooden blocks to is a part of the solution in general. The tricky part is to adjust their position just right in order to set things in motion properly.

This is not a game for those who like having a safety net for solutions. Unlike other puzzle games, Wake Up the Royalty has no hint system. So unless you do not mind the spoilers that come with watching YouTube walk-throughs, you will have to rely solely on your wits to blaze through all 25 stages.

Pack some patience as well because the slightest adjustment may make the physics wonky. While restarting is infinite and free, this may be a deal breaker for those who are looking for a flawless speed run.

As mentioned above, there are a few select levels which integrate a timing element in the solution. That being said, there were some stages wherein we had trouble identifying where to pin our tiles due to the fact that it dropped out of sight or the stage elements adjusted so fast, we did not have a chance to check. While it does offer a contrast to the rest of the stages, this may really stump younger players who also want to experience the game's quirky puzzle solving physics. An in-game hint system could have made Wake Up the Royalty much more accessible to budding puzzle solvers.

It Lights Up the Screen

The graphics for this title is fit for royalty. Well, almost. On the plus side, the character expressions are pretty amusing thanks to their muppet-like looks. This makes their facial expressions cute, even kind of hilarious at times.  The comical stage design and the wacky situations the boxy royalties are placed in are quite endearing.

However, details such the space-eating status display, could use a bit more polish. To be precise, we are referring to the bars located on the upper right of the game screen. These are used to indicate the sleep or awake status of each box character. Due to the lack of markings, there is no telling which bar corresponds to a specific character on a stage, which renders the indicators less useful. The length of each bar also makes the screen look somewhat cluttered, which may have been remedied with a smaller indicator on top of each character's head.

Another factor which could be improved upon is Wake Up the Royalty's color design. While the emulation of cardboard cutouts is pretty novel, the colors lack a bit of oomph to fit into the eye candy category. Being a title banking on cute, storybook-like creatures, an equally zesty color treatment would have fit to a tee.

While it would have been splendid to see the GUI and colors improved, the one factor that could have benefitted the most from a little polishing is the game response.  Thanks to the noticeable slowdown that occurs while dragging the wooden tiles around a stage, the controls suffer and end up feeling a tad clunky. While this does not affect the actual puzzle solutions, it does take away a bit of a relaxing game experience.

The Verdict

So what if it suffers from tolerable quirks such as slight slowdowns or the lack of a hint system. Where else can you find silly box people to push off a ledge? What we mean to say is that despite its flaws, Wake Up the Royalty still manages to deliver an entertaining package. Thanks to the lighthearted approach to its game design, it will be difficult to focus on the negatives. The game length is also, just right for those who want a worthwhile distraction for an hour-long break.

In short, Armor Game's Wake Up the Royalty is a must play for puzzle gamers of all ages. With various creative setups and unique executions of the game's core mechanics, each stage run is sure to give you a worthwhile challenge. Don't delay, start bugging those boxes to keep your mental juices flowing. We give this game a really sleepy blue-blood’s 76/100.