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Wake up the Box: Mixing Up Strategy and Luck

There is much to appreciate about minigames, they fill up time when you are bored, and they make for a good way to keep yourself sharp in terms of reflexes and/or puzzle solving. Wake Up the Box is a great combination of both –you carefully examine the stage puzzles and work your way through them using every single available element. It is a great puzzle game that is worth playing even once.

How it All Comes Together

A stage is composed of interactive wood objects, the mechanisms that move them and, of course, your sleepy box creature. For all of the stages, your goal remains the same. Wake up the box. In order to do that, you are given wooden bits and pieces to attach to the stage mechanisms. This will either cause your sleeping box monster to fall off and abruptly wake up, or it will send said creature tumbling, bumping into objects or just outright flying off the screen.

You may only attach your puzzle pieces to wooden surfaces. While for the most part, this serves as added weight to drop box characters to oblivion, sometimes it serves to attach or bridge parts in order to make a mechanism work. That being said, these attachments come in all shapes and sizes so expect some serious mental flossing to figure out which goes where.

When it comes to the order of wood pieces you can use, there is no need to worry about surprises. All of these items will appear in the upper portion of your screen. That way, you will be able to brainstorm and plan your move in advance.

Since you are given a set number and type of wooden parts, the solutions are in essence, also limited. But while there is usually just one efficient method to uncover, you can still finish a stage by getting lucky with your best guess as to where you place the wooden blocks. Like for instance, in order to tilt a floating horizontal platform, you could attach the weight properly at the edge or haphazardly toward the end and still get the same result.

Take a Breather and Try Again

If at any point, you end up fumbling, there is no penalty to replaying a stage. This may be done with a simple click on the Restart button located at the bottom of the screen.

The best part about Wake Up the Box is that it employs various ways to challenge you while still retaining the core mechanics of the game. Sure, you still have to wake up those sleep deprived little buggers, but there are stages in which you will be forced to get the timing right, lest you restart from the top. This makes the puzzles less ho hum, keeping your attention on the game.

Good for One Go

As for replay value, unfortunately Wake Up the Box gets a fair score. With set puzzles and only twenty levels to boot, you may need to find a new puzzle fix as soon as you conquer this title. Unless you like speed runs that is, in which case you can attempt another go at the stages on your own initiative. Considering its highly enjoyable concept, it would have been nice to see some extra modes of play or at least a reason to go for a second try.

Looks as Nice as It Plays

What takes the cake in terms of solidifying Wake Up the Box as a kid-appropriate puzzle title is its visuals. Of course the stages are structurally well done, being a puzzle game, but they did not skimp out on polishing its individual parts either. The overall graphics are cartoony and quite adorable. The box characters have very expressive faces that blend well with the stage settings and make everything look charmingly silly. On the negative side, if you are an angsty teen or a serious adult, you probably will not see the appeal on a comical box creature, just as you would not appreciate the looks of SpongeBob SquarePants.

The Verdict

Overall, Notdoppler's Wake Up the Box is a solid title for those who want to enjoy a puzzle game quick fix. Its game mechanics are good enough to warrant a single play through and its cute visuals may be a plus factor for those who share their games with juice box sipping family members. On the minus side, the physics does act pretty iffy at times, making puzzle solving more of a guessing game than it has to be. Still, how many opportunities do you get to drop Mr. Box Creature from unknown heights just to wake him up? We give this game a very sleepy box’s 78/100.