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Super Stacker: Master the Art of Balancing

In Super Stacker, you are given shapes of all sizes, in sequence. You must then figure out a way to place them on top of each other without causing an avalanche of unhappy puzzle pieces. We say unhappy because your shapes actually do have expressive faces. Odd, we know. Anyway, being placed in an awkward position will give you a sad faced block. They also smile when you actually complete a level and give a doubtful face while you are in the process of sacking blocks. As if trying to figure out how to fit round pieces was not nerve wracking enough.

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Forget the Faces and Just Focus on the Game

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Stacking actual square-type blocks are standard fare for this game genre. What adds the "super" to Super Stacker is the presence of odd shaped tiles such as the round puzzle pieces or the triangle ones. These also come in different sizes so you will really need to use some creative thinking to fit them in.  On some stages, you could be required to place a bunch of teeny tiny blocks together or to balance one single gigantic mega block on puzzle pieces a fraction of its size. By the way, these blocks move slightly even when placed down as gently as possible. As expected, this will cause your tower to sway about --discouraging you from just haphazardly dropping the tiles. Proper placement, balance and thoughtful timing will ensure stability no matter how much they squirm.

 Do not worry about being caught by surprise. The sequence of block spawns appears on the upper part of your screen. The best part about is that even its size is displayed, so it will be a valuable asset when determining how to balance the incoming objects.

Many Ways to Go Up

Super Stacker 1: Game: Play: 2: Many Ways to Go Up

Though there are efficient solutions to your tower building predicament, you can still attempt to beat a stage by sheer timing. You see, in order for your solution to stick, the blocks will have to stay in place for a total of ten seconds. A timer found on the upper left of the screen will indicate whether or not you proceed to the next stage or start stacking all over again. If you think your scattered blocks can stay in place for that amount of time, then you finish that level, no matter how messy it looks.

The beauty of Super Stacker is that it guides you all the way to the end of the game. While it does not tell you precisely how to solve the puzzles, it does manage to give a clever hint or two. For instance, our favorite is the one about ladies that carry fruit on their heads; aside from giving players a rough idea on what the final shape of the completed puzzle will be, who does not appreciate vitamin-enriched hats?

Easy on the Eyes

With Super Stacker's clever game play and generous hints, it will be easy to overlook the fact that its graphics are not out of the box, so to speak. As it is, the overall look is simplistic. It resembles that of a student project, making use of muted colors and silly smiley faces. But, perhaps that makes it accessible to young players who just want an honest to goodness puzzle game without the fluff. Regardless, it would not hurt to give the game a little more shine when it comes to the looks department.

The audio is a different story entirely. We really enjoyed the sound design for this title. The upbeat but laid back background tunes gives players more pep in their step while figuring out their next move. Even the sound effects have finesse as you received a soft ringtone-like sound when you fail a game. The clock ticks on cue and you are rewarded with a gentle blip once you successfully finish a stage.

Given that the game does give you some valuable hints to finish the levels and because the overall click and drag game play is user friendly, Super Stacker is a good choice even for budding puzzle players. The fact that there are only 12 levels with no overly complicated solutions needed, means that it is a great fit for a for a 5-minute brain bender as well.

The Verdict

Overall, Gaz's game is short but substantial for puzzle fans of all ages. That being said, it may be considered a shortcoming to some, as the replay value is definitely limited. Otherwise, if you do not mind a bite-sized game that shows a lot of heart, go right ahead and try this out. Anyway, if you are left wanting more, just try playing the game's newer installments. As the game says, the next time you come across canned preserves to stack, just keep in mind how you tackled Super Stacker. We give this game a clever clue’s 80/100.

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