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Feed the King: A Sweet Gaming Treat

Upon launching the game, it is apparent that Feed the King is not your ordinary stacking title. Aside from its adorable graphics, the game offers three different modes to keep things interesting even for long time genre fans. While their mechanics are definitely distinct, the basic rule of the three are the same. Stack the cakes as high as you can and direct the king to eat each one afterwards.

Cake Stacking 101

The controls are universal for all of Feed the King's modes. You use your Down arrow key to drop a scrumptious treat down to the plate. Do not worry about stacking a cake on the edge of the previous sweet. Weight plays no role here so as long as two cake surfaces touch, they are magically balanced on top of each other. Bring out the daredevil in you and drop a cake on top of another with but a hairline part of them touching and you are rewarded with an Edge Bonus too.

After making your very own sugary tower, you then use your Left and Right arrow keys to help control the king's treat munching flight. Any cakes you leave behind will mean lost points, so be ready to maneuver his highness like crazy.

Many Ways to Glutton for Glucose

In Classic Mode, you are given three hearts, essentially your life gauge, to use up while you make your sweet skyscraper. Every time you accidentally drop a cake, you lose one of your hearts. At first, you may be tempted to just press the Down key as fast as you can in order to stack the cakes as they are generated. While this may work for the first few seconds or so, the speed in which the cakes move horizontally increases with each layer. You also have to watch out for pesky bombs that may be lurking above or near your sweet tower. Manage to stack around them and you get a nice Danger Bonus that adds to your point total. Accidentally squish them and you lose a heart.

Cake shapes also increase the difficulty for those that are looking for a worthwhile challenge. Effortless pieces range from those that have a wide and flat base, to rotten cakes that are medium sized but equally tiered. Tricky sweets include upside-down cake with a miniature base and the ever-so-tiny cupcake. Successfully aligning these pint-sized treats will give you an Accuracy Bonus as a fringe benefit.

If Classic Mode makes use of hearts to determine your game length, Time Mode offers a set 1 minute boundary. At this point, misses serve only to delay your progress by eating up time with their normal animations. There are no additional penalties for setting off bombs either, so there is no need to make an elaborate setup to avoid them unless you are going for the Danger Bonus.

The third and most restrictive style of play is Cake Mode. In this game type, you are given a finite number of sweets, 50 to be exact, to stack on top of each other. Obviously, a perfect score is 50 and failing to properly drop any one of the treats will result in an irreplaceable loss of points --unless you have the Cake Rescue upgrade activated. A counter is conveniently located at the lower right corner of the window so you can keep track of how many more cake levels you can add for the gluttonous king.

Not a Cakewalk

In case you are having difficulty making the perfect stack of cakes, you can do a bit of grinding to save some Juicy Coins. This will then enable you to purchase a few upgrades to help you along on your edible tower stacking. For example, the Life Rescue perk makes occasional floating hearts appear. You may collect these to refill loss health and prolong your game time. Gather 400 coins and you may opt for the Bomb Removal perk which takes out a single explosive per round. Our favorite is the expensive Time Slowdown bonus. Throughout the game, you will encounter a few random tweeters that just love to perch on your tasty desserts. Normally, they do not do much, but when Time Slowdown is purchased, they turn into time slowing goodies which does make scoring high in the game a piece of cake. Pun intended.

Now if that is not enough to give you an incentive to stay interested, there are also achievements to be earned throughout the game. These range from setting a record number in terms of cakes stacked to funny ones such as Expired Explosion, a goal that pops as soon as you set off a bomb with a rotten sweet. Our favorite is the achievement for waking up that lazy guard. If you are the type who loves maximizing trophies, you will have your hands full. Feed the King has more than enough achievements to keep you busy.

Since there are three different modes available, with combos, upgrades and trophies galore, the replay value for Feed the King is also sky high. This is one game you can keep coming back to whenever you feel like filling in idle time or are just missing some awesome cake stacking action. Do not fret about losing your progress. As long as you do not clear your browser's cache, you will be able to continue where you left off. If you want to start from the top, you also opt for a New Game from the title's splash page.

The Icing on the Top

The graphics for Feed the King is just as scrumptious as the cakes you stack. The colors are whimsical and pleasant to look at. The cartoon art seems silly, but endearingly so. There is really nothing to dislike about the overall delivery, due to the fact that everything is polished to a tee. Oh, and your frantic treat stacking is also complimented with a superb soundtrack. We're referring to the type you may hear while you are attending a royal ball. The slosh sound while dropping cakes is superb Even his highness' gobbling sound fits right in with the theme.

With all the positive points, does Feed the King even have any negatives? Well, the only thing we would have liked to see is an in-game tips menu. In its current state, clicking on the Tips button opens a link to the mochigames website, which barely shows any tips outright. They may have intended for people to participate in forum discussions, but perhaps the button should be renamed for that purpose.

The Verdict

So how exactly does Feed the king "stack up" against the rest? Well, if you are looking for a unique experience that can provide a giggle or two, Feed the King is worth checking out. The graphic and audio quality of Feed the King is definitely fit for royalty and you will not be disappointed with its replay value either. With its balanced mechanics, three modes of play, achievements and enjoyable delivery, there is hardly anything to criticize about it, save for the minor, non-game breaking point about button labeling.

If you are a fan of stacking games, or are even remotely curious, launch Mochi Games Feed the King. Actually, if you know anybody who is looking for a silly, enjoyable game, let them try it too. You will not regret giving the gluttonous king all the delectable sweet cakes you can pile up. We give this game a cake-hungry king’s 76/100