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Wake Up The Royalty

Wake Up The Royalty game

Royalty ---they lead busy lives and the public can't seem to get enough of them. But apparently, on their off days, they are heavy sleepers. As you may have guessed, Wake Up the Royalty deals with, well, sleepy blue bloods. The game goes straight to the tutorial once you start the first stage –and gives you an instant look at a game about block positioning, clever strategies, and well made puzzles.

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Wake Up The Box

Wake Up The Box game

Sleepy boxes, genius setups and one click carpentry --these basically describe what you are in for when you launch the game Wake Up the Box. While the concept is novel, do not be intimidated. There are no overly complicated control schemes here, making it a perfect choice for puzzle fans of any age.

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Feed The King

feed the king game

Do you like cakes? How does the idea of stacking tons of these sweet treats to feed royalty sound to you? If this even seems remotely appealing, then read on to find out if Feed the King is worth the extra calories.

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Super Stacker

super stacker 1 game

So, want to fit in a game or two to liven up your midday work break? If that is the case, then you may want to check out Super Stacker, a WYSIWIG (that means what you see is what you get in case you are wondering) puzzle game that can be accomplished in just under 5 minutes. That is not to say it is not challenging, however. If you ever want to master making soda can mountains, trying to fit items in your fridge or cramming a plethora of stuff inside your school locker, then this is good practice. Otherwise, if you already do the things we stated above, then figuring out the game will be a piece of cake. 

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Super Stacker 2

super stacker 2 game

If you are familiar with the Super Stacker series, then you know how hard it is to put down once you begin playing. For anybody who has yet to play a Super Stacker title, we guarantee that this title is as addicting as it gets. Sure, it may not be the prettiest game around, but its lighthearted approach to a puzzler more than makes up for what it is lacking in aesthetics.

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